Exercises you choose
The exercises you choose will also target the pecks, shoulders and triceps. Just do not bench press.
 The first exercise with dumbbell pressures will head up the second exercise will pressure the barbell close grip on a flat bench flies and third exercises with opposing rollers health.producrate.com

Every three weeks of training you give reload  It is definitely healthy, or need to work hard on getting 100%.

Reload will help in the regeneration of the nervous system, but also strained tendons and muscles.

First week
Training A
Pressures with a dumbbell on a sloping bench seat (head up) 3 x 5
Pressures narrow grip on the barbell bench 4 x 8
Cuts opposing rollers 3 x 12 kyle Leon Scam

Training B
Pressures narrow grip on the barbell bench 3 x 5
Pressures on the inclined dumbbell bench 4 x 8
Cuts with opposing rollers 3 x 12

This is how the first week. As you can see, he said, the first and second exercise their workload. In the second and third week will I change again to another - carefully read below...

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