Joey atlas Truth about Cellulite - Four Women who are older, especially when the age of 30 years will see the changes to the body; Such as crow's feet are very fat and cellulite on the hips, thighs, and abdomen, upper arm or back,

If they describe a picture;you try to compare with orange skin.Joey Atlas Scam People with cellulite have skin like orange peel. When you squeeze the area; if the skin likes orange peel; I do have cellulite.

Usually between the skin and muscle tissue are called;Connective tissue.  cells in the fat tissue layer. Cellulite is caused by fat tissue around the soft contours of the damaged cells. Bulging fat cells push the skin to make it look like a blister.

True that cellulite appears that only obese people. In fact, cellulite can occur in people with normal weight. Or obese is because they themselves are not good enough.

Cellulite occurs more often in women than men. Because connective tissue in women Columnar and fat accumulation. Joey Atlas Scam The men arranged in a diamond and a small amount of low fat. For these reasons, it is rarely found in men cellulite;

The occurrence of cellulite

The outermost layer of our skin called the epidermis, or top. Epidermis following the dermis or second layer; Dermis, beneath a layer called the dermis, subcutaneous, which is a layer of fat. This class is a connective tissue connective tissue. Strong Dental Federation and the amount depend on the lipid layer of fat on top of this. Be as per the origin of cellulite. Fat will rise to the level of the hormone does not depend on diet or exercise. (Some of the solid fat); for more info go to, Truth about Cellulite by Joey Atlas”


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