Sperm significant decrease (90% in the case of intensive plug) ; if you use Somanabolic muscle maximizer  product By Kyle Leon(http://health.producrate.com/somanabolic-muscle-maximizer-scam/)

- Impotence;
- Infertility;
- Hypertrophy of the breasts ( gynecomastia )
- Testicular cancer and prostate cancer.

For women:
- Deepening of voice;
- Breast reduction;
- Beard;
- Cycle Disorders.

>> For protection against harmful side effects, there are a large number of highly effective anti -estrogen observe the steroid in all tranquility and without any interest. Among the most recognized list of anti -estrogens are Provirus , Nader and Clamed .
II / growth hormones
Growth hormone is a natural protein that promotes cell division. This allows you to control the release and levels of hormones and enzymes in the blood. With double anabolic effect , which is an increase in protein synthesis , the hormone create greater muscle cells, but exceeds the increase in the number of muscle cells . Growth hormone is designed for professional and conditions Raphine sampan. In Anglo-Saxon countries, healthcare utilization, including initials GH ( growth hormone) .

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