Amblyopic is the major shift in the eye (strabismus), and refractive defects occur
Apart from these eye problems can also be caused by other anatomical structures.
The maximum detection of amblyopic at least up to the age of 5 may be obtained improvements in treatment may result in failure to remain beyond the age of 9.

Removal of defects in the fracture treatment, which is periodically laziness turning out better eye is forced to work harder. Strabismus surgery corrected where necessary Check The Following Post

Tears tract obstruction
A channel between the inner lower edge and the eye in human’s nose are available.
This channel allows the release of tears. Nose side of the channel is normally equipped with a cover. The lid opens with the first baby is born crying.

The first full-function does not see the tear glands in infants up to 1 month.
 After months of age is not activated in a tear duct cover over-watering and / or exceeding ocular discharge occurs.
In these cases, obstruction tears at least 4 times a day for 10 families in mind massage is taught to be done once 95% of early stage diagnosis and regular massage to bring more success Check The Following Post

What is Retinol blastula? Malignant tumor that often before the age of 3. 20 can be seen in about one in a thousand. 40% inherited.

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