Miami - the time has finally won, the one that sent the Eastern Conference finals downhill incline working on this car fun happened in the end. Read it.

This happens when LeBron James was shot in the hand again, increasing the size of the defense and the Pacers feel his sugar to the basket, which he found in the first game. This time, it was not there More Information About This Game Health CLICK HERE

But the time will come to define something fun events lie happened much earlier. At the end of the third quarter, moments after defeating James Paul George broke and sent Chris "Birdman" Andersen shake the lid with a vicious dunk, James and George automatic driving struck a dagger outside 3 - just street.

After the whistle, George James after another, stretched out his hand and said, "Hey." They bind and James said. "Your back I'm a young man"

And with that, James - the player most terrible, destructive natural forces and NBA - welcomed their counterparts in the East finals.and the club.

With outstretched arms and the respect LeBron James Paul George welcomed in the classroom.
"It was a moment for me that I will always remember," said George in his locker after the Pacers beat the Heat 97-93 on Friday night, even with the best of seven series at one game each. "I was ready for this challenge. He was ready for this challenge. It will be a fun series."

This series also has a great storyline with a plot thread, as Pacers not only controlled most of the game, but in the end, too. Preparing for Wrath LeBron Lead spectacle advantage in the final minutes, Roy Hibbert Pacers back in the game and this time gave James - not once, but twice.

From James to a monitor in the middle of the floor, David West and deflect blocked passage to James Ray Allen with 42 seconds left. Faced with such a predicament with 17.6 seconds left, James George was playing with this time after receiving care for simple at the end of the game 1. Hibbert, on the floor instead of on the sidelines as Frank Vogel promised that his drive and James had to put on the brakes when the corner to the basket.


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