The cause of diseases
Exercises - Sit in a chair with wheels, or a regular chair. Spread your hands on the distance of the width of the shoulders, and grip the table top (thumbs should be under the cap). Severing the foot off the floor, straining muscles and press start to slowly pull away on the chair away from the table until the arms are fully straight, no click here

The head must be between hands and eyes should be on the floor. In the same way, follow the reverse movement in the direction of the table. Continue as long as your stomach touches the edge of the table top. Become back to the table with your feet shoulder width apart, pull your stomach and straighten your back.

Bend your knees while keeping your back straight (as if trying to sit on a chair.) Performing an exercise, try not to place his knees on the line of the toes. Stop motion, and again return to the starting position as soon as practically sit on a chair. Repeat this exercise 12-15 times. Medicine says that most of the diseases of the body caused by a variety of toxins that are produced after eating the food click here

These toxins accumulate in various organs, making it difficult for the metabolism and causing them to overload. Therefore, an important practical measure for someone who cares about their health, it is the use of a particular method of cleansing your body of accumulated toxins.


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