At first actress known primarily Pert Havelock too did not believe that she could lose weight. "I'm a little skeptical," he said. A doubt was also Catherine Camelot with Customized fat loss torrent By Kyle Leon Scam(

Nada alike, which began filming the show in 59 years and ended at age 60, the typical nutritionist she, tried many methods, but none worked. Rather the opposite.

"The problem with I was already a teenager, I got married and given birth to it each year so extra pounds," she said. Due to the redundant Kilo it pained her knees, hardly moving on the stage, had a problem with getting into costume.
"When I'm lying in bed, belly to lie beside me, so I'm very like it," she said whose weight exceeded 100 kg.
Consume a diet regime

In doing so, Nada rather endeavor to follow the principles of good nutrition. When it went, ate three hours in the morning having breakfast, had a snack Visit Kyle Leon Review

Nada Kenova the show you are what you eat Nada Kaolin the show you are what you eat
"But then we go on tour and taste sometimes trumps all resolutions, so you'll be fried cheese, which I love, "said the actress. The worst is that right through the winter, when the least moves.

A major problem is its irresistible sweet tooth. She dreams to be a table nut chocolate at night when he's hungry. A major attraction is the huge praline next to her house, where I sometimes buy some candy with Customized fat loss Scam By Kyle Leon

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