Do not replace meals with energy bars - There is confusion between food diet and giving the impression that these substitutes provide more energy and get rid of hunger.

Nothing can replace a real meal, proportioned as you wish, but it contains the nutrients your body needs.
Kyle Leon Scam:Do not engage in relying solely on protein diets, eliminating carbohydrates from the diet - You could make a compromise, leaving your system good carbohydrates and consuming such foods in reasonable proportions,

but never remove them completely from the diet. Foods rich in carbohydrates provide much needed energy during the day and during physical exercise. Without carbohydrates, water will not be retained in the body will be deprived of energy, with the risk of concentration problems and imbalances in the thyroid.

Do not cut calories too! True, the slimming is based on a simple principle: to lose weight you must consume fewer calories than you burn, but that does not mean you have to reduce the number of calories consumed in a day.Kyle Leon Scam Such a diet will quickly get rid of extra pounds, but you will mess up your metabolism. Recommended would be to gradually reduce the number of calories consumed.

I thought to write to you to share my experience "in the weight loss." I know that any diet or sports program should be Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Program, but let's face it!


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