Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss- If you are in a hypo caloric (low calorie) diet, your workout can be something extra-volume. The working volume of training should therefore be chosen carefully, so that you have optimum benefits. Isolated exercises should be at the end of training, to work on specific weaknesses, but with minimal parameters.

A good rule of thumb is that you should also use exercises that allow you to use the highest weight. This will help keep muscle diet at the time.Customized Fat Loss Review  Focus is therefore on squats, dead lifts, various forms of pressure, pull-ups and some weightlifting exercises, if you know how to train.

2 Working volume workouts keep low
During reduction diet your body has a reduced ability to regenerate. This makes it impossible to adapt to the large volume of training. Your workouts should therefore be short, less than an hour, preferably 30 - 45 minutes. In practice Vicodin 3-5 exercises (three if you train one muscle group, two 5 when training), 3-4 working set of each.
3 Train with high intensity

So, you should do a series of 4-8 reps, close to failure (1 repetition) in the first two series and working to failure on the last business series. It is not recommended to train to failure on each set of time dieting.
4 Enough rest between sets

You train to build muscles. If you reduce the weight each set, then resting a little!
A good way to determine the length of the pause is a training heart rate. When you feel that the rate has slowed since the last series, you can go to the next. Customized Fat Loss Review Usually it is considered that the pause should last 2-3 minutes. Some can be able to keep pauses for 60-90 seconds, but it is better to start on the long pauses and gradually shortened. It is important that you keep your performance.

5 Keep track of the negative movement in the positive and Explode
Eccentric (negative) phase of the movement should be performed slowly manner (3-4 seconds) while the concentric phase should be performed explosively. This will ensure the maximum force production and stimulates fast motor units, which have the greatest potential for growth.


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