Now approaches the stomach for cellulite removal - Same cold cream smeared spoon forcefully conducts clockwise around the navel. Then move up the spoon, and

then - sideways.
Self-diagnosis of cellulite - How to determine the stage of cellulite
Determine the presence of cellulite; you can use the following device. Take a large fold of normal, not affected by cellulite skin and roll it between your

fingers. You feel that the skin and underlying tissue are perfectly smooth. The amount of fat depends on the thickness of the subcutaneous tissue, and that

you feel under the fingers - it's a normal adipose tissue.
Now do the same for those places where you feel you have cellulite, such as the buttocks, thighs and above the knees. You may need a mirror to carefully

inspect the buttocks, but you can ask for help and to a close friend. If you have cellulite, you will easily recognize its symptoms. Do not forget that

cellulite develops gradually, going through the various stages. Briefly repeat the description of the stages of cellulite:
The skin heals slowly, other signs are not noticeable - This stage when everything is ready for its development. On the skin, there are no visible signs of

cellulite, but scratches, cuts and bruises heal slowly.
The accumulation of fluid, burst veins, skin discoloration, skin becomes thicker and more sensitive, easy to bruise.


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