In men, the surprise you ask? Yes, of course! But where - that's it! At the site of fat! In women, it is primarily the hip, and men - waist area.
Therefore, it is easier for men - they just defect is invisible, whereas female legs - always the subject of attention! Besides, male slightly different structure adipose tissue that facilitates their life in cosmetic terms, of course. So where does this unfortunate  Joey Atlas Scam

which is called a disease and something you cannot? Let's first think about it, and who do not have cellulite? So, just for instance:

•    In children and adolescents (not obese, of course) and indecent young and beautiful girls.
•    For athletes. Look at bodybuilders in their speeches - a thin skin and mounds of muscle.
•    A very thin people. Here and there are rare exceptions, but in general it is.
And why do these groups does not meet this very lipodystrophy (cellulite)? Joey Atlas Scam It's very simple - these groups are either extremely thin layer of subcutaneous adipose tissue or because of his youth had not yet broken her job.

Well, the case when we are faced with a large number of fat cells under the skin, generally understandable. Talk about cellulite in a woman weighing 120 kg something silly and that's happens in normal thin women.


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