Buckwheat is considered as "beauty product"

Buckwheat is a product on the recommendation of many nutritionists, should be included in the menu with numerous diseases. And if it does not even help in the treatment, then certainly did not hurt does it absolutely work?

In general, buckwheat is considered a "beauty product", it helps to improve the condition of skin, hair and nails. And the presence of a large amount of fiber can accelerate the process of collection and output of slag. Now touch the second major product of diet on buckwheat and kefir. And if you have not guessed what, it is, of course, yogurt.

 It is known to most people with childhood dairy product. It is used in many diets for weight loss, in the purification systems, just as a useful ingredient. This drink is rich in calcium and protein, vitamins B2, B12, A. Bacteria that are in it to help fight the intestines to the process of decay. Keir also helps remove toxins, improves digestion does it really work?

Useful Tips - Fluid intake per day is between one and a half to three liters. It is best to drink mineral water without gas, but not eliminated, and green tea, but with absolutely no nothing.

It should complement the diet of multivitamins as a diet to buckwheat and kefir yet monodiet and need to fill the missing vitamins and minerals because of the lack of sugar in the body, can decrease performance.


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