Truth about Cellulite by Joey Atlas - Cellulite treatment and fat - The specific breakdown of fat, such as arm, abdomen, chin, cheeks, thighs, calves, etc., can be achieved with fat injections Joey Atlas Reviews with carbon dioxide with carbonic , a modern injection engine and secure the print head. Because there are filters for the contamination to a very small degree; Size worm;

 A multi-level driver injection since the injection slowly, to reduce pain, to inject quickly, to obtain a high position in a fat volume flow rate and frequency of injections required expertise and experience in the injection; to have a high Injection should be continued every week until you see results. Should pay for the continuation of treatment, and cost savings. Way this is not a method to reduce obesity in the case of excess weight need reduce weight by other means such as diet. Exercise regularly, etc.

Carbon dioxide injection is also an effective way to treat cellulite and welded seams (striate), which is a common problem in people who are obese or pregnant. By different injection techniques into the desired position; Treatment must be repeated several times. As well as the breakdown of fat only;

Massage external thighs
Joey Atlas Reviews Sit in the knee. Cross by foot to the knee as well. The first step, but in reverse; Press the left leg over the right leg. I tried to push the two sides apart. By locking the knee in place; this stance will cause the outer thigh muscle, but returned to the first step.
We will use your palm to push. And output. Alternate port; Port used to push out and push inward to cause contraction of the outer thighs done three times, the first set 1-7 after massage on the outer thigh.
Then tighten the thigh flexed leg massage for cellulite massage to break up, then we will be off the circulation body massage from the ankle up to the thigh, repeat 2-3 times, trying to massage. Areas where signs clearly cellulite; for more info go to, Joey Atlas Truth about Cellulite”


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