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What to do if you suffer an accident on holiday

O vacations and holidays occur particularly often in accidents. I travel a lot and usually perform activities in which we are not very adept.
A special group there is recreational athletes who are on holiday trying to catch up on the year neglected. Poorly trained body then poorly manages requirements that we put on him jason ferruggia

The most common injuries are contusions, sprains, strains, tendons and muscles, fractures, lacerations and cuts. Every injury is accompanied by inflammation and swelling, which may complicate and prolong treatment.

A useful tip

If there is an accident in the first place is the right treatment according to its nature and principles of first aid. But we have extra tip ->>

To speed healing, use some enzyme drugs, the most famous of them is Coenzyme.
 Enzymes that contain these drugs shorten the healing time of accidents by up to half.

Therefore, it is useful to treat swellings, bruises and sprains, contusions, but also dislocation and fractures. When injury wherein the principle that the sooner after injury begins with the use of enzyme drug, the more effective is his tenure.
Enzymes are special proteins, without which life would not exist. Accelerate and control chemical reactions in every living organism (they are called biocatalysts).

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