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Although IGF- 1 is produced in various places, such as kidney , muscle, colostrum (liquid soft allocated breast milk over normal milk) , gastrointestinal tract, thyroid , most produced amount supplied from the liver Grow Taller 4 Idiots Download

Once synthesized, plasma protein binding of IGF -1 , known as IGF- 1 binding proteins (IGFBP). This stage is very important because it extends the life of IGF- 1 for 30 minutes to 12-16 hours.
This also means that, unlike the growth hormone is secreted in the waves (over during sleep ), IGF- 1 is released gradually during the day

Production of IGF- 1 plays an important role as the age , children constitute only a small amount , a large dose of adolescence and after fifty and this amount gradually decreases.
According to reports, it is known that IGF- 1 can be controlled by diet alone . Studies have shown that people who consume more calories - especially in the form of proteins - have a higher level of IGF-1. On the other hand, a low-calorie diet can produce IGF- 1 bound

We have enough evidence to prove that AIDS patients have significantly reduced levels of IGF- 1
During fasting , the level of IGF- 1 begins to decrease after about 24 hours. This last point is especially important for bodybuilders preparing for competition.

Drastic reduction of calorie intake in order to remove the fat may reduce the levels of IGF-1, meaning that prevails catabolism and degradation of muscle mass with Grow Taller 4 Idiots Darwin Smith torrent Related Page Kyle Leon Scam

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