Potential Cosmetic Effect
Now I know that it is possible and there is only a certain barrier given education.

So you must appreciate the contribution each person alone, because everyone is unique and is thought to another level.

 One client told me that he learned to relax and let things flow. Customized Fat Loss Review Before that everything pushed ahead, and it made him very freaked out. And suddenly it all (business, personal life) flowed so easily and somehow itself. That took on a certain order.

Does Rolf therapies cosmetic effect and as improving the appearance of old scars or stretch marks?
Fascia is composed of collagen. So what is the status of collagen in the body, so it will appear our skin? Specifically, the stretch marks a big effect does not occur.

This is about tearing connective tissue and it is beyond the scope of Rolf therapies. customized  Regarding scars, there was the situation is somewhat better.

But rather in the sense of subcutaneous scarring. This means that can help with adhesion, which arise under the scar and you have to body tissue far more devastating effect than the scar on the skin surface.
So problematic scar in terms of appearance include the sculpture, the scar adhesions can be treated using Rolf therapies. And no matter how old scar.

Another potential cosmetic effect may be in cellulite. Stretching the fascia occurs in problem areas better blood circulation and thus washing away waste products So in this area can be improved, but again this is very individual.

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