In order to maintain the body balance, can contribute high-quality diet, drinking plenty regime, regular motion and rest, and especially peace of mind. Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Then just feel absolutely great!
For insomnia helps cushion cooled in the refrigerator

In the summer months, suffering from insomnia larger number of people than in cold parts of the year
This is because the body needs sleep to gradually lower the temperature.

And if he's in bed fail, the brain sleeps badly. Scottish scientists but says that may help good ventilation, cotton bedding and pillows should be chilled in the refrigerator.

For insomnia helps cushion cooled in the refrigerator
"The body radiates heat of your hands, face and feet most the time when to sleep and sleep.

Gradually cooled down to about four o'clock in the morning If anything prevents this cooling process, then the quality of sleep damage and it's hard to sleep, "says Dr. Chris, head of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre.

According to him, it is also better to sleep in the summer light cotton clothing that wicks moisture - sweat

 And who has serious problems with sleep, you should put a pillow over day and night in the fridge to pull it out Cold pillow sleep easier and faster.

"It also helps stretch on the bed instead of collapsing into a ball.
A pre-sleep also helps a few minutes to let your hands and arms under cold running water, then dry it and head straight to bed Related Page

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